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Quality policy

VISION – How we imagine our company

DEMECO has as its primary objectives:

  • the satisfaction of the needs and expectations of our customers (customer satisfaction)
  • never feel satisfied with the results achieved, but pursue innovation and continuous improvement of our organization, our products and our service

MISSION – What makes us different

The peculiarity of our company is to offer products with a high quality standard and to guarantee our customers an advanced technical and commercial service in the calibration of the optimal product, taking into account the production needs and economic availability of customers.

POLICY – How we intend to achieve our goals

With the conviction that doing things right from the first time brings concrete benefits to us and our customers to the extent that it involves the satisfaction of both, our strategy consists in:

  1. maintain a quality system compliant with UNI EN ISO 9001 in order to give adequate confidence to the customer on all stages of our business, from the acquisition of orders to the shipment of the product
  2. to support a continuous commitment of the commercial in the study of the market and in the identification of new requirements or expectations from the customers, in the definition of the best sales strategies in order to achieve the maximum results, in finding for each customer the best product from the technical, productive and economic point of view
  3. to maximize the quality of the customer “service” within the customer service through a process management that ensures maximum punctuality in deliveries
  4. convinced that staff is our most valuable resource:
    – maintain an adequate level of sensitivity towards the needs of the external and internal customer in order to understand and satisfy their needs through their work
    – maintain an adequate level of competence, understood as the ability to address technical and management issues and in line with customer expectations
    – create a working environment that can attract talented people and allow them to fully develop their potential

    In the course of the Quality System Reviews by the Management this policy is examined in order to assess its adequacy and the general objectives expressed in it are translated into specific objectives for each function and company level, as much as possible supported by measurable numerical indicators, so that it is possible to keep under control the achievement.